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If your commercial or residential roof is damaged, it may be possible to repair it, rather than replacing it which can be a costly venture. In order to protect your valuable property and the assets within it from such elements as snow, ice and rainwater, repairing your roof is necessary as a home or commercial building owner. Here are just some of the reasons you may find yourself in need of roof repairs services from Tops Roofing:

Bad or leaking pipe flashing

The pipes underneath your residential or commercial building's roof have a potential to develop rust, allowing them to seep moisture into your property and causing damage. Our Tops flat roofing professionals are fully equipped to repair bad or leaking pipe flashing.

Chimney or skylight step flashing

When the sealant surrounding your chimney or skylight area has worn down, moisture leaks into your residential or commercial property are likely to occur. To save yourself money, and avoid damaging the interior of your house or commercial building, trust our Tops flat roofing specialists for roof repairs to your chimney or skylight step flashing.

Missing shingles

To ensure that your residential or commercial roof is fully covered, shingles are layered on top of each other. Sometimes high winds can loosen shingles, and cause them to go missing, allowing water, snow, melting ice or other forms of moisture to enter into your home or commercial building. To replace missing shingles, contact our Tops flat roofing experts for their roof repairs services.

Low slope or inadequate roof pitch

Roofs that have low slopes or inadequate roof pitch are more susceptible to damage to your residential or commercial roofing system caused by wind, rainwater, snow and ice. To avoid such damage, connect with team of Tops flat roofing experts for dependable roof repairs!

Ice dams

When snow melts and refreezes it can create ice dams on your home or commercial building’s roof, and can be a source of real damage. Should you notice ice dams on your roof, contact our Tops flat roofing crew to inquire about our roof repairs services.


A long strip of metal along the centre of your home or commercial building’s roof, valleys allow natural elements such as rainwater, snow or ice to slide off. Over time, valleys can lift, allowing exposure to the elements and fungal growth beneath. To correct lifted valleys, get in touch with our Tops flat roofing crew for their outstanding roof repairs services.

Your roof is an integral component of your commercial or residential property, so if you notice any of the above, or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact Tops Roofing for a complimentary roof repairs consultation and estimate. All members of our Tops flat roofing team are professionally trained with over 30 years of experience in the Southern Ontario residential and commercial roofing industry. In addition to roof repairs, they are also capable of installing or replacing eavestroughs, skylights and roof flashings.

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  • We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new roof. We are delighted with the colour and workmanship and have received a number of favourable comments from neighbours. We are especially pleased with your, and your Tops flat roofing crew's, attention to detail".

    Bonnie & Garry Dool

    Burlington, Ontario
  • Consistent with the quality, value, effficiency and courtesy of the services rendered in the installation of our replacement roof, we are pleased to join Tops Roofing's customer referral list, and to endorse their Tops flat roofing team as a "best in class" contractor".

    Denise & Ian Matheson

    Oakville, Ontario
  • Thank you for the timely and professional service provided by you and your Tops flat roofing team in last year's new roofing installation project at our home. Your team was efficient, thorough, and left the yard spotless. You were a pleasure to deal with, and we continue to recommend you to our friends for their roofing needs."

    Peter & Oksana Sawras

    Oakville, Ontario
  • We were impressed with the capable members of your Tops flat roofing crew who performed their various functions on the job with great skill and pride of workmanship. It was obvious throughout the day and a half that these serious workers bring focused energy and absolute attentiveness to the job."

    Elizabeth & Enzo Chiminelli

    Oakville, Ontario